a Datermine is a collection of data streams, both native and non, manipulated and consumed in every which way a user chooses. They shape-shift. They're defined by their content. To be honest, we're not quite sure what they are just yet.

Get your own, either hosted on your own domain or hosted by us. It takes under a minute to get set up with a fully customized Datermine!

  • Free, Easy to use, Customizable
  • Intuitive and extensible views and visualizations
  • Open, Social and Growing
  • Use does not increase likelihood of contracting Pinkeye
  • Use does not decrease likelihood of contracting Pinkeye
My Mine? Not just yet...

Unfortunately, only a select number of people cool enough to know the team are able to get a Datermine of their own right now. Check back periodically...or make friends if you're really desperate.


If you've got something to say, we'd like to hear it! There are many ways to provide feedback and a multitude of things we're interested in hearing about:

Things we're interested in hearing about:
  • What you like/dislike/hate/abhor/love/lurve about the site...
  • Things that would make it better
  • Things that would make it best
  • Your favorite APIs ( Python, JavaScript, anything )
  • Why you might be a good beta tester ( "hmm, why might I?", you ponder )
  • Startup Ideas!
  • ...
  • Relationship Problems
  • the film, District 9
  • What you *like* about Pinkeye
  • Funny things about your kids
  • Cats and all the CRAZY things they do